Ski simulators SNOW SIM - Endless belt winter sports simulators
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Are you ready ?

Snow Sim – endless ski simulator

Snow Sim Simulators are ski and snowboarding  simulators, designed & produced as professional machines for long and reliable use. Snow Sim simulators come in two families featuring different installation logistics. Mobile Snow Sim are easily transported by truck, and will deploy anywhere, indoor or outdoor, within a few hours. Grizzly Snow Sim are our standard line, also to be installed indoor or outdoor, depending on customer requirements. Both lines can be customised to user requirements. 

Grizzly SNOW SIM

We sell, we lend, we buy back, we upgrade; we let you try.
Two week notice. For two weeks or 99 years.

SNOW SIM winter sport simulators are built to provide the closest to real snow artificial conditions, with precise control on speed and angle on endless slope. SnowSim machines are orientated to satisfy needs of business owner to make successful business story. It is effective training equipment that very quick brings users in love and make addicted to Snow Sim skiing or snowboarding all year round.

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You want to use a ski simulator for a short duration ?
Our mobile ski simulators deploy within hours after reaching destination. Safely, reliably, quickly.

In its own right SnowSim’s Mobile Ski Simulator is undoubtedly the most advanced ski simulator in the world.

Its operational benefits are for all to take notice of.
Its advanced technology allows this 9T behemoth to be installed safely and effortlessly in a matter of hours. Full SCADA features remove the guessing and the human factor from its operation; they ensure that the highest safety standards will be met at all times.

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Business Applications

Endless possibilities 
Snow Sim product range are powerful business foundation with amazing possibilities. It brings mountain and snow to the city all year round, but as well it effectively supports winter sports schools in ski resorts.  Our mobile units could make any event more attractive and interested, but it’s also a good training machine for Gyms and people that want to be in good shape.

Snow Sim is the ultimate, proven tool in ski teaching to all levels : to first timers with an instructor, and to professionals at daring speeds and angles.

Events featuring a SnowSim mobile unit will draw the ones you have promised to draw.
Our Mobile units will reliably and safely entertain users and spectators alike, for fun, show, or great get-together moments.

It is great for products promotion, celebration, parties, marketing, etc…

Shopping malls draw crowds to their convenient locations, for shopping and entertainment alike.
SnowSim ski simulators draw regular customers and are therefore great tools to attract individuals, families and all groups at all times.

Success breeds success !

Snow Sim natural locations are ski resorts where people can do specific skiing training to improve and develop skiing technique, and directly test and transfer on real snow. But in summer time it’s perfect tool to make mounting more attractive for tourists and provide all year round skiing.

Snow Sim is great workout equipment for specific training. It helps in any training program, develop stamina, upper body, lower body, improving biomechanic by body separation, hip angulation, rolling knee and ankle, dynamic stability, muscular efforts. At the end using snow sim is great  exercise through fun.

Our Grizzly line is available for short term rentals, and therefore for seasonal use.

Your business operates for only 5 months in the year, or even 2 months ?
Your clients will love to see you offering the use of our ski simulators, whether in a mountain resort, a sea-side resort, or an inland sport and leisure centre.

We bring the unit you selected, we assemble it, and train your staff.
You operate it, supported by a hotline with a few hours’ response time.
When you close shop, we come, disassemble it, and take it away.

All for a flat fee. No hassle, no risk, no brain killer. Only opportunity.

Snow Sim center are business concept dedicated to snow sports activities. It is place where you can find ski shop, rental, cafe, tourist agency, and of course Snow Sim training place.

SnowSim Performance

Our expert engineering team has been giving support for ten years now to the endless ski slope community. In doing so we did notice weak points in machine design and implementation, as well in business concept. From the pioneering times for manufacturers of endless ski slopes – e.g. the SkiDeck corporation made its first ski simulator in 1961 – a few things changed. Snow Sim ski simulators are true state of the art simulators. Owners of Snow Sim simulators are exposed to lesser less business risk thanks to an advanced and reliable electric control system, to a robust and durable machine design and implementation and to a  highly energy efficient implementation.

Speed from 10 to 35km/h
Slope Angle from 12 to 25 degree
Ski area size – width up to 9m and length up to 10m
Power from 10 to 25kw


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Some of the successful stories developed by Snow Sim. Mobility and customizability of our designs do allow endless possibilities.


Innovation     –     Passion       –       Integrity      –     Quality      –       Diversity      –      Safety

Ski Sim is all about innovation in winter sport and making like snow conditions available all year around. Ski Sim is a brand of winter sport simulators built by CTT company. CTT is engineering and production company, that is mainly involved in aerospace composite structures R&D. Our passion for sport activity bring us in engineering sport arena where we have decide to built the best simulators on the world. Meet our Team.

Composite Technology Team

CTT is company behind design and production of Snow Sim winter sport simulators. Mainly involved in Aerospace engineering, CTT formed a sport division that are leading Snow Sim project.

We are looking for agents and distributors of our machines throughout Europe, North, Central and South America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

SKI Track 

SkiTrack is pioneer sports centre with an endless ski slope. SkiTrack is Snow Sim strategic partner in aftersales service and custemor support in ski education and promotions with army of ski instructor, profesionals and extensive know how in skiing.


Our Mission

Mission Statement

Snow Sim’s mission is to develop, manufacture and market hi-tech portable and modular professional snow sport simulators and analysis technologies in winter sports. Through its expertise and the passion and commitment of its employees, Snow Sim helps companies in winter sports business from the ski schools, hotels, resorts, municipals, sport collage to  significantly enhancing their turnaround times and profitability.

Value Statement

Value Statement


At Snow Sim, we are pioneers. We venture where nobody else has yet dared to tread, boldly designing products and technology for projects that were once beyond the imagination. We redefine the boundaries of the snow sport universe by constantly pushing back the limits of technology.


We are on fire, driven by the conviction that nothing is impossible. We invest ourselves heart and soul to transform the projects we imagine into reality. We trace our future road with pride and enthusiasm.


The path to technological innovation is paved with obstacles. Yet this is the path we have chosen, and we follow it with perseverance, ambition, and assurance. Whatever the weather, we march onward with determination.

Contact Us


Thanks for your interest in Snow Sim. Please use contact form, or email, if you have any questions about our simulators, and we will get back with you very soon.

Igora Vasiljeva 49

Belgrade, Serbia



Phone:    00381 11 4087312


+381 11 408-73-12